As long as you Know How To Have Fun, It really doesn’t matter where you are.


4 Steps to bliss, Where ever you Go.

1.  Know – what can keep you busy when travelling or when waiting or simply killing time. Be it your mobile phone, a book or simply a thought process u noted somewhere. 

2.  Your ‘Entertainment Pack’ ( Your mob, a small book,  i pod or what ever can keep you busy) so be in your small travel bag/ side bag. We often make the mistake to carry what we need but place them in the main baggage which is not accisible during our Air/train travel / a long wait outside an office / a killing one hour train ride to /back from office. Or where ever u gotto bump Time. 

3. The human mide is very productive. The only reason we dont quite produce results is because we hardly ever sit down …and think!  Most of the time we are just reaction to our mega busy drilled life of home to work and back. Innovation is dead. And free time is the best time to think. So here comes the Fourth piont
4. Use the mobile or your pocket diary to write down stuff u want to think about( Work or pleasure.) And next time you travell or ur  in a situation where you just want kill time, don’t bother. Just think about that stuff. You will be surprised how much productive can simple 5 minutes of  thinking be. 

Try it out. Yoy just need the spirit to relax and chill.  That being the only constant, The environment matters less. 

The Fervent Petrosaint : WorldPress



So, have you been molested. ever ??
Most of the readers would say No straight away. No never would be the answer.
However by the time u reach the end of this blog, Most of u would say ‘Yes
For starters let us see what is the dictionary meaning of the word- “Molest’. Well it means- “To harm someone through contact or touch or to Bother or Annoy someone”.

In todays world however, in order to ‘HARM’ ‘BOTHER’  or ‘ANNOY’ someone you need not be present physically there. Your mere post or comments on the social media or the press could easily drive someone to insanity!!  Princess Diana, Michael Jackson are just a two well know names who were harassed till their end.
But this blog is not about all this. Its not about the paparazzi  harassing the famous or the press writing the ‘good’ or the ‘bad’ about the people who matter rather this blog is about u. Yes u!  And Its about every person to have walked this planet.
We were  born in world (e-world) where we are bombared with suggestions and thoughts from the very beginning. We think we are free, we think our thoughts are ours. But they are not. We are molested right from our choldhood. We are what i call “e-molested”.

So there was a time when a child use to look up to their parents. They wanted to talk like them. Walk like them. Act like them. Follow them in shot. The kids used to learn the languge spoken at home or at school. But today the kids follow what they see online, their fav actors or wrestlers. They speak the language of the internet or the mkst famous Hollywood/ Bollywood flick. But this is not the half of it. We all believe what we see. What we feel and what the media wants us to belive.
Still not convinced ?  Alright then ill piont out some random Facts that u thought were true. True because the media told you they were true, and offcoure you believed them, through out your life. So here goes.


Fact.1 Blood n Pain n Hate.
When you were a little kid you fell down and hurt yourself. It hurt. Probebly u bled. And then u RELATED Blood to Pain. Then u grew up, even today when u see blood, it triggers thw same reaction of discomfort. It true it does. And if you never bled as a kid, everyday through tevevisoin, and internet you are bombarded with thousands of images of animals and humans  being killed or in blood and almost instantly it kicks a reaction in you system of dislike or discomfort or Hate. So if i want to do propaganda say against a sect of people or say againt killing of animals for a vegitarian campaign all i got to do is to show a video or a few pic of those people or animals in blood and walla!!  Our memory will do the rest of the trick. And this a supreme example of  how world option is remotely controlled  simply by video and pictorial images on the social media. A eg of remotely activated manipulation. 

 Fact.2  Gosts

So we all know about ghosts right? RIGHT?  Right from when u were a little kid. A little scary story. Or a dark night. So much so that even if ur 50 years old now, somewhere in the back of ur head, the fear looms. And the best part is that in those 50 years u would have never even seen the ‘G’ of a ‘Ghost’ but still ur shit scared of entering a dark room or travelling alone in ur car at night. What if there is someone on the back seat!! A typical eg of how  u can be to believe something and react to something that feast even exist.  And the funny part – how people and babas make money by keeping the gosts out of ur house and lives. Imagine how much u spend on ur superstitions. 


Fact.3 Deadly Animals

Thanks to the media we know or sure about some animals. Snakes are dangerous. Crocodiles almost bite everything that fits in there mouth. Lions the king of the jungle. Right!
Well totally wrong. These are just the images that a replaced in ur mind. Thanks to the media/ TV and what not. 98% Of the snakes  don’t even have poison.  The remaining 2% are more scared of u than u are of them.  Crocodiles with only come after u if they are  really hungry and if ur dumb enough to hang out in front of them for really that  long. 

 Fact .4 Chinese Food . We have a lot of options here.  You name it. Chucked 65, shzwan Rice, chicken lollipop and the list is endless.  But the fact is that these dishes are not even Chinese. No Chinese living or dead would have made these in there homes- EVER. The these dishes are as Chinese as the ‘French Toasts’ are French!! 

Fact 5. Religion. 
And last but not the least. ( No hard feelings pl) . It is said that religion was invented when the first Con Man met the first fool. Let’s rewind a couple of thousand years back. So here we are in  the early ages. ‘Man’ uncultured, unruly, savage and fearless.  Then some one smart thought -How do I unit men ? How do u control this chaos ?? And then realised how.  Simply instill fear in mans head!  So men were told. – do good or-U’ll go to hell. Do good or ull be consumed by evil. 

And with all due regards , this worked wonderfully well.  The fearless man was now afraid , the undivided bold man was now divided.  And then man expanded all in the name of God and religion. A child was born human. But then divided in the name of religion class or country and then told wether he was superior or  inferiority to the other.  Tell me ! Can  even the greatest of holy man distinguish between a skeleton of  a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or an Asian or a European. 

But here we are today molested by the media , molested my the social / print / online media, which tells us  which food is good for us. Which colour suits us. Which religion harms us.  And so severely we believe all this. 

So may b we can save our Race. By actually thinking what’s right for us. By making our own choices.  

By choosing not to get Molested by the online world and actually start living in the real world. Free of Hate. And full of love. Without. fear. 

Ambitions that Kill !!

So there we were a couple of hundred years back. There was this young beautiful Queen  and this young handsome prince who could barely lift a sword. But they fell in love ,and when they did,  the Queen desided to leave everything and run away with the handsome young prince. 

What resulted from this was massive battle between the two kingdoms(off course the battle of TROY) in which many thouands perished for apprantly no reason or mistake of theirs.

( Yes consistently several hundred years later we also made a movie by the same name, in which we saw ‘Brad Pit’ running around in a skirt, Good movie! Yeah so a couple of hundred years late though, but something good came out of the battle in which thouands lost everything.)


If u think that was wierd, then digest this. – Their was this other short guy, really short. He belonged to a tiny country  Corsica,  had huge ambitions, you know… like the ones where u want to rule the world. And following his ambitions is exactly what he did. 

This Lad was Absolutely briliant. With in a span of 10 years he rose from a soldier to a general of the entire French Army. 

This ‘short guy’  with huge ambitions marched over the Alps which by the way are 23 thousand feet high on an average along with his artillery guns and attacked Italy… Yes, off course he Won, the guy was simply brilliant, though a few thousand died. But He Won.  

No, but his ambitions were not fulfilled. He marched into egypt. WON. Thouands died. He matched and captured Spain. Thousand died. He attacked Russian. Millions Died. He controlled  nearly the whole of europe. Ambition fulfilled?? Nope.  This brilliant short guy who was also grown  fat by now was finally caught and deported to a far off lonely island. He was old now. But were his ambitions ageing with him ?? Nope. He marched back into France. Millions followed him. And finally the agony. Each one of those ‘million’ died fighting for this little ambitious short brilliant man  we call Nepolean!!


And off course we say that we learn form our mistakes and from history. But actually we don’t. Because just about 100 years later thousand and millions again perished when for some astounding  reason thousands followed Hitler to their end.

So today we so called Social Animals whome i would call evolved intelligent beings remember Troy, but who remembers  the thousands who perished in that battle. We remember the briliant tactics and battle craft that Nepolean thought us, but who remembers the millions who perished making him a legend.

I just thought of a name for us Humans. I’ll call us the “AUTO BEINGS” we r pre programed to follow!!  We think we are smart. But we are not. We like to follow. And when we follow we stop thinking rationally. And ironically  We still dont learn from history.
Thousands followed in Vietnam. Thousands followed Osama.
And today thousands are following ISIS.

You need to wake up. You need to make choices. Because history is unforgiving. Because someones Ambition is going to be your doom!

World Peace !! This is the answer to it.

Loose Patriotism !!
“My House. My town. My State. My country”
This is what seperates us. This is what divides us. Somewhere down the line we forgot – Who we really are?

We r the same humans who put a dozen satellites around earth. We sent probes deep into space. We are smart and Intillegent. But when it comes to the issue of ” My State, My fav Team. My Country” we strangly leave our “intelligent jean” we managed after thousands of years of evolution and start behaving like prehistoric barbarians.
Partirotism is harming us more than uniting us.


In todays world of diversity and globalisation, ‘Humanity’ needs to be the only Religion.

The next time you get hyper when ur fav team is loosing or you have a rough neighbour ( country) messing up.

Remember:- Rise above it !