I Did it, Found Water On Mars.


The news related to finding water on Mars made me jump with joy like a Kid.
Yes i belong to the generation which has grown up seeing the Terminator and Star Wars. Though it still might be distant future but the whole idea of space travel   sends a wave of excitement through my spine.

Finding flowing salt water on mars might not be that great a deal as it sounds, but it still a great deal, for now atleast. You will realise it too by the end of this blog.

I strongly suspect that we are definitely not alone in the universe. Are we ?

But first lets logically analyse what is the probability of reciving guests from other planets or galaxies.

So putting things in prospective. We are on planet earth which has a circumference of 40,075 km. Just one of the eight planets orbiting the Sun, our star which is just one of the 250 BILLION stars( by average mass) in our galaxy the milkyway.

The closest star to the sun is Alpha Centaury, which is 4 light years away.
Our galaxy has a span of 1,00,000 light years, ie even if we travell with the speed of light it will take us 1 lakh years just to cross our galaxy end to end, forget about reaching another galaxy.

Andromeda, the closest galaxy to us is at a distance of 2.5 Million light years from us. So if you are expecting any one from there,

any time soon you should sure hope as hell that they either started their journey 2.5 Million years back or they have the tech to travell real fast, as in ; even faster than the speed of light.

But thats not all, we have barely stepped out of our backyard. The real journey starts from here.

GALAXY GROUP. A Group of Galaxies, form a Galaxy Group/ LOCAL GROUP. A galaxy gp could contain about 50 galaxies with a span of 10 million light years.

CLUSTER. A bunch of such gps of gallaxies say 50- 1000 galaxies forms a Cluster of Galaxies. With a diameter of about 10 megaparsecsie (32.6 million light years, one parsec = 3.26 lightyears)

SUPER CLUSTER A larger gp of local clusters forms a Super cluster with a span of 500 Million light years. That by the way is huge.

GALACTIC SUPER CLUSTER This is basically all that we have mapped so far. The universe as we know it!.
So to summarise all this

Our galaxy -1 lakh light years across.
Nearest galaxy -2.5 Million light years away
Local cluster – 10 million LY span
Cluster – 33 million light years span
Super Cluster – 500 million LY Span.

Well thats a lot of – Space… to travell to get to us or for us to get going.

But lets not get disheartened. There is a lot happening in our neighbourhood. Our own solar system is bubling with activity be it on Mars or Jupiter’s volcanically active moon IO or saturn’s nitrogen based titan and Enceladus which is suspected to have a liquid ocean underneath its surface or be it Europa. The possiblities are endless.
Mars is just the beginning. The universe is coming to us…


Yes, That WHALE is in Shape !! 


Yes, we all want to be in shape. And why not. It feels great to be in shape.
It looks good. It feels great. Those perfect abs or that perfectly sexy figure.

We all desire to get into this shape. Some of us even try to!

But everybody is unique in their body type. There are tall people. There are short people, there are people who are plump and then there people who are skinny. That’s not all. There are people who have fast metabolism, there are people who have a very slow metabolism.

So when it comes to a diet plan, do you actually think – one set diet plan would work for all of these different types of people. Absolutely not. There has to be some amount of modulation as per body type.

Nowadays, we find many interesting articles online. You will also find them in newspapers, in magazines, hundreds of them. All of them tell us about a new diet plans, a new way of life. some things to eat, some not to eat.


There is a new research everyday. One day it will tell you that it’s very bad to have egg yolks, it will give you colestrol and you absolutely must avoid having the yellow. The next, the very next day you will read a new research and it will say that egg yolks are good for health you must eat them.


Then there was a research which said that having tea after your meals was good for digestion. And yes half of the world has it too. And then, came a new research which said we should ‘Absolutely Not’ have tea after dinner. It would ruin your digestion!!!



Then there was a research which said -it was important to stretch before exercising, That is a well established fact , isn’t it. But now there is a research that says one actylually need not streach before exercising ! Mild warm up , say cycling or running was enough. Go figure!!



To add to this insanity of what is good for us and what is not- Cheese is considered as a good source of calcium + protien and spinach of iron, and mixing these together is considered as a nutritious and dish to savour. Its tastes great! ( The very tasty and healthy “palak paneer”.)
But.. But now a new research says.. (and i dont doubt it) that cheese (which has calcium ) and spinach ( which has oxlate) dont allow each others absorption in the body.

So all those years of having palak paneer, wasted !!!

So who knows what research is going to come out tomorrow and It will tell you that something that you have been doing for all your life was wrong, and the best part is that we are actually going to believe it and change our lifestyle around it.

So Guys, it is great to be good shape. And you will have to work hard to get there. ESPECIALLY in todays world with lots of distractions such as high calorie food and junk food to name a few. If you want those six packs and that awesome figure, stop dreaming, start acting! IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE, YOU SIMPLY GOT TO DO SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE.

The FIRST STEP: You have already taken the first step! – ‘You are Thinking’ about getting in shape.

The SECOND STEP : You are halfway through this step aswell. You are planing your exercise schedule and diet! GOOD, just keep the above mentioned facts in mind, dont get carried away. EAT and EXERCISE as per your body type only. Dont blindly follow people, someone’s Hit formula might not work for you. ( Just because Arnold Schwarzenegger eats X and exercises Y, doesnt mean it will work for you aswell.)

Get your own Formula. Because you are- You. Because you and your body are Unique.


Just to launch you on the right trajectory to wards that rocking Shape, here is a link to the page of the – Best – Dietician around. Just leave your queries related to your food habits and diet, and you will get the right advise -https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=943543092377318



Silent seas have never made great sailors. All The Best.