From Kung Fu to YOGA

Change is the order of the world today. Infact change has been the order of nature and existance. The fittest survive!
Interestingly, we all relate to things. E.g. a particular colour triggers and certain memory. It could very well be different for different people, but on an average lets say The colour ‘green’ would remind most of us of lush green fields or a football/cricket field or probably green vegis. Similarly the colur blue would trigger our memory into thinking about the ocean or the sky.
But thats not all, we also relate objects, events and even smell to certain things.


Lets talk about ‘kung Fu’ and the first thing that comes to your mind must be China or Jackie Chang. Similarly if i give u a word say ‘China’ , you might think about ‘kung-Fu’.

Dont blame yourself! This is how our mind is channelled since childhood. We have all grown up seeing Jackie Chang fighting in his awesome physics defying moves ( Love him) so our brain has no option but to relate the two together.

Talk about china and three things would come to your mind most likely – Emerging superpower, some chinese guy trashing the other one out, and offcouse Kung Fu. ( These three would mostly be different for diff ppl, but on an average this would suffice.)

Having said this…. we know how flexible our mind is, how adaptable it is. Today the world is shifting away from Kung Fu and its intensity and slowly but steadily heading towards more serene options. ENTER- YOGA.


What comes to your mind first! – Calmness, Peace and INDIA. ( or a possible a combination of these three.)

Indeed today the world is changing from kung fu to YOGA. Kids, adults and grownups are doing it. Its not just an exercise, its a Way of Life. Its healthy, its purifying and it feels awesome

Its the Highway to health, the Eighth -Wonder.Its peace and containment in an overdrive. Provided u mean it when u do it.


The Global acknowledgment of Yoga is an iconic symbol of growing Indian Influence on the global arena. Indian rescue efforts in Yemen and the cross border Special Forces operation against a militant group was a fine proof of growing geo stratagic and geo-political influence of India.

So how would the growing influence of India be any different from the growing influence of China or that of USA after the II World-War.

The answer to this is evident from the history and from the present. Let’s talk about this. Since time in the memorial, when most of the world was still fighting with stones, pebbles bows and arrows, the Indian mathematician Aryabhatta had already calculated the circumference of earth. With development in science technology and various schools of trainning India was way ahead of contemporary civilisations of that era but even then the Indian Kings, the rulers never invaded any country or foriegn territory. Moving forward a couple of centuries in the early medieval history in the times of great rulers like the Asoka the Guptas and even later just before the British invasion of India the Indian rulers were as strong as ever and the country was rich and prosporus, but not even single ruler ever had expansionist tendencies beyond his natural boundaries.

Even in the present times when India has the third largest Army in the world India only fights to defends its territorial integrity in the west against Pakistan. Though the Indian Army is much superior and well equipped than the pak Army, India has never even considered- invading Pakistan, in fact Statistically speaking in all the wars fought against Pakistan in 1947-48 , 1965 , 1971 and 1999 , India returned the land occupied doing the war to Pakistan immediately after the hostilities got over. Evetytime.

Many have considered this as a weakness. But everyone who took this ‘Peace-First’ attitude ( which India has had for centuries) as Indian weakness, now knows the truth. Some more facts then! Here Goes….

-India is the fastest growing economy in the world.

India is least effected by global depressions due to its built it economic shock absorbers.

– India is on its way to becoming the largest manufacturer in the world.

– India has on an average the least rate of manufacturing cost in the world.

– By 2030 the working gp in India would be the largest in the world. ( population within the age gp of 20-35)

– By the end of the Decade India will have the Second largest Army in the world.

– 6 of 7 software devlp is in India or done by an Indian firm.

– The peace Index Of India is only third to Switzerland and New Zealand.

– India has more cultural and regional diversity than rest of the world put to gether. STILL, this country stands United.

The Advantage of this saga of Indian Growth is that- absolutely No ones feels threatned about India’s Growth. Which is a good thing, because this Nation-State threatens None. After all it is capable of, all she speaks about is – YOGA (Peace &