A world without Religion.


Peace. Isn’t that what we all want. A safe world to live in. Where we feel safe. Where our children feel safe. A world filled with Love, not with hatred.

But for Peace to prevail we need order and for order to prevail we need a system. A system that is smooth and natural. Such a system /Order exists in the animal Kingdom – The so called ‘Jungle’ or the ‘Wild’. This being an “Anti-cliche”,  that the wild has perfect order and we the ‘Social-Animals’ have none! Who is living in the Wild I question ?

The basic foundation and the genesis of mankinds relentless progress over the centuries from the stone age to the nuclear age, from bull carts to space shuttles has been due to a basic ( highly underestimated) human character .i.e. To reason, to ask – why/ why not. So centuries ago when ptolomy and later the church said that earth was at the center of the universe; sensible but curious souls like Copernicus and later Galileo questioned. They asked Why?  They said that this( Geocentric theory) might be the popular belief, but sorry…we think otherwise. What followed, is history.

Bottom line is whenever there is order, ( whether it is perfect or not/ whether everyone likes it or not)  there will be a few questioning its very existance. and this is perfectly Human.

If we quickly hop through a couple of centuries, in todays Geo-Political senario- Order is a very ‘relative’ word. So relative that even Einstein could be put to shame! The hilarity is such that the ‘Order‘ of one part of the world is considered as complete disorder by the other and vice-versa. To judge who is right or wrong is more based on sentiments and social media than on logic. We humans have become far more dangerous than wild animals, we often hear of men who accidently got lost in the jungle, surving to tell their heroic tale of survival in the unforgiving jungle, but how often have you heard about a wild animal accidently venturing into a human inhabited areas and then surviving to tell the tale! Face it!!

Hitting the nail on the head, the West vs the East fight is more about the Muslim vs the non Muslim world now a days. Whether u like it or not, this is the blunt truth.

It is interesting to read several articles which try to establish who is correct and who is at fault without realising that this debate clould go no for ever without ever reaching a conclusion, Because it defies the basic human character – to Question why. How do u judge who is right or wrong when everyones defination of ‘Order’ is different. To qiuckly quote a few examples Bhagat Singh and Mahatma Ghandhi were famous indian freedom fighters, any doubts there? But the British govt in India before 1947 considered one as a terrorist and the other as a rouge outlaw. Go figure! The Indian Order was ‘disorder’ for the british and the prevailing british order was considered as a complete disorder by the Indians. Now go have a debate and try telling me before the end of the century who was right and who was wrong!

Lets take a slightly recent and a controversial example. Osama bin laden the branded fugitive and terrorist was without doubt the most sought after man in the 21st century. He was a terrorist! A man disturbing Order.  But to his people, which by the way were a sizeable lot, considered him as a freedom fighter as a man who questiond – why and asked Why not!! 

On the flip side – interestingly there are people upholing the ways and the means of ISIS saying that they are just retaliating, avenging what the ‘west’ did to them. This by far is the lamest thing that I have ever heard. Ill call it the “ It Suits me Logic“, so the ISIS fights back because they claim the west invaded them ! Really!! history repeats itself doesn’t it, so who started it!! Ever heard of the Persian Empire. They were the first ones who attacked and invaded all their surrounding countries including eupore and Asia. They started it. So now tell me how stupid would it sound saying that Persians empire( current iraq iran in general )attacked europe and asia so lets avenge and revenge them by atracking them back.
This is exactly how illogical is the ISIS logic to attack the non Muslim World.

So for a moment if we have to take a fair judgement to concider the facts. Lets presume that u are an alien just passing by Earth and just read this blog about  Chopernicus Galileo Bhagat Singh Mahatma Ghandhi and osama each one of these men questioned the prevailing accepted order and each one of them bought it heavy in return. So how would u decide who is right or wrong.  Is there even a right side and a wrong side? But i have a much more important question- why do you need to even pick a side?  Did u question Why,  today ?

Who needs a religion isn’t Humanity good enough?  Question this? Why?

You  were born a Human not a hindu christrian or a Muslim or a sikh. Who decided your religion for u? Question this? Why ?

You live in a world were you dont let anyone choose your job, your life or your shoe or cloths then why are you stamped with a religoin even before you are born??  Question this. Why?

Religion doesn’t create Order. Since time immemorial it has been used as a tool for power dominance and money. It united us, yes.  But why ? To fight!

Who needs a religion when humanity could alone save us all.