The Ignorant Nation – 2

Four days Later ! Five soldiers have been lost !! Not a single word from our political masters. No hard stand taken! ! Why???

May be loosing Five Men is an “ACCEPTABLE LOSS.”

I wonder if loosing even one High ranking Politician would have been Acceptable? ? ?  ( After all the whole nation mobilised after the attack on the Parliament.) How many more lifes ???  Before its too much.

Well…. In the Mean time we will just regroup in hell.



The Ignorant Nation

Its a Sad day for the Army. And a sad day for the nation ( incase they know it). Loosing two young Army officers, Capt Pawan and Capt Tushar in a single operation in the Kashmir Valley.

This is exactly what the Atmy does for kashmir. When the locals there ask the Question. This is the answer! Two young soldiers martyred to protect a piece of land,& where they don’t even belong to !But still gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.

And this was not the first time and surely not the last time , this is not the sad part alone. Whats sad is that – Tomorrow local kashmiris will again throw stones at the Army, they will protest and shout slogans -‘Army go back’,
Not realising that 99 % of the Army men who fall in kashmir dont even belong to kashmir but still fight to defend their ( ungrateful) countrymen.

So tomorrow when the locals again throw stones at the Army, Just remember. These are the same men who pulled your hand out of water when u were drowning. And covered u with their body when there were grenades sharpnels and bullets flying around.

(Capt Tushar took three bulets to his chest today ! )

And while there are protests in J and K or haryana. While the country fights for petty local and political gains. The Army Soldier fights and juggles with his life for his country men !!!!

But dont worry The Army Men never Dies. – They just…..Regoup in hell!

“We Just Regoup in Hell”