WW II Pics you have Never Seen before!

You would have seen many world war pictures before. But here I present certain assorted WW2 pictures from a very different angle. The war which no one saw…

A German Panther Tank falls into a pit as a bridge under it collapses. The Germans moved with such speed and ferocity often with minimal reconnaissance.

24 May 1941 Battlecruiser HMS Hood sunk by the dealdy German U-boats ( Submarines)

A highly spirited Indian Soldier shows a victory sign before he leaves his mother land and heads for battle. More than 80% of the men who left for battle never returned.

The Dutch bicycle troops during the battle of Netherlands.

A tired & frustrated soldier from the Dutsche Africa Korps as he balances on two M 24 Steilhand grenades in North Africa.

Soviet Snipers. Both are sergeants and are brothers. Soviets and Germans recruited young children in the Army to defend their lands at all costs.

A young German boy soldier (Hitlerjugend) being decorated by a German officer.

A soldier desperately reloads his rifle which needs to be reloaded after every five round. He puts the magazine in his mouth as he clears his rifle.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lee Wolverton 101 Airborne and 1st Lieutenant Alex Bobuck.before they leave for ops behind enemy lines.

13 Apr 1945, Op Awakening. A young Soviet boy poses with his sten gun as the Soviets clear Vienna,Austria.

A Russian soldier fires a Flare to indicated his location to reinforcements as they lie wounded after a gruesome battle.

An Indian Sikh Fighter piolet from the Royal British Air Force before he is about to take off. His name 'Amrit' is painted on his plane. Approximately 2.5 million Indians fought for the British in the World War II.

A trooper fights biting cold and the enemy in a snow clad warzone.

4 Apr 1945 A tank man from US 10th Army has unexpected guest on his Tank.

Indian troops Enjoy a light moment with other soldiers after a rescue op in Northern Africa.

An M4A3 Sherman from the 9 Armd div makes way though a Quagmire againts all ods to reach its objective.

Okinava. A soilder braces himself under enemy artillery fire which use to shake the whole earth around.

A frozen Soviet tank man feeds his extra rations to inquisitive grizzly bears.

Marine Private 1st class Raymond L. Herbert finds time as he sits on a 16" Artillery shell to inspect his shoes after days of uninterrupted fighting in Italy.

A German Intelligence Officer. The spy game was intensively used by both,the
Allies and the allied forces.

Elizabeth Remba Gardner. From Women's Air Force. Rockford,illinois.

13 Feb 1940 Soviets break through Finnish defences.

A young Ethiopian boy holding a 303, to defend his motherland.

Captured German POWs (prisoners of war) inspected by guards deliberately.

A Lady celebrates by presenting a Garland to an Indian soldier after the liberation of Italy.

Probably the most dramatic pic of WW II. A Jewish man smiles at his suicide squad. No words can describe this picture.

War….There is nothing glorious about War. Irrespective of whether you are on the winning or losing side, eventually…. U loose

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