Even been in a tight corner during an argument and later wished like hell if you had something smart to say then. Well you’re wait is over. Here are some handy one liner insults sure to get you on the top! 

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1. BANANA HOLDER.   Now your Banana goes where you go. For those ardent Banana lovers who love a quick bite and an instant energy dose!!

2. SELFIE SHOES.  You want a selfie, yet want your hands to be free and you don’t want to use those silly! Long sticks. Well now you have the Power. Get Selfie Shoes!! Hats off to the inventer.

3. NUMBER LOCK MUGS.  So you don’t want to share your cheese cake and coffee!! Never fear bcuz now you can have your own number lock mugs. You want some calories buster, get your own mug!!
4. SPRAY GUN WITH CAMARA.  So not only do I want to make you blind, but while I’m at it, I’ll love to take photo of you as well. Just for fun!!

5. METALLIC TIE.  This is exactly what Capt of the ‘star ship enterprise’ would wear on his day off. A perfectly shiny tie. And why not a golden one while he is at it!! 
6. WALKING SLEEPING BAG.  Ah Yes, my favourite. Why ever get out of bed, when sleeping can be so much fun. Where was this invention all this while. All those hours of productivity wasted!! 

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Here is list of some Basic everyday things (but very Important things) which we must use OR be ready to loose them for good. U can add yours “important (DI OR LI )” in the comments below.
1. Brains. The more you use your brain the smarter you get. It’s always a good idea exercising it even if it involves a solving a simple gigsaw puzzle. 
2. Muscles. One must exercise for a healthy life. Not only will you feel good but you will stay healthy in the bargain. 

3. Time. Yup. It ain’t coming back. And if you don’t use it sensibly, ITS GONE. ‘Time management’ should be the -in thing for u if u want to get anywhere.  

4. Money. Yes, u got to use it, if you want it to grow. Or Someone smarter will use your money to grow while u watch!

5. Happiness. Happiness is purely your choice. U have to choose to be happy even if you don’t have the above four! If you choose, u can learn to be happy without anything or you could even stay unhappy with everything. 

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