The Ignorant Nation – 2

Four days Later ! Five soldiers have been lost !! Not a single word from our political masters. No hard stand taken! ! Why???

May be loosing Five Men is an “ACCEPTABLE LOSS.”

I wonder if loosing even one High ranking Politician would have been Acceptable? ? ?  ( After all the whole nation mobilised after the attack on the Parliament.) How many more lifes ???  Before its too much.

Well…. In the Mean time we will just regroup in hell.



The Ignorant Nation

Its a Sad day for the Army. And a sad day for the nation ( incase they know it). Loosing two young Army officers, Capt Pawan and Capt Tushar in a single operation in the Kashmir Valley.

This is exactly what the Atmy does for kashmir. When the locals there ask the Question. This is the answer! Two young soldiers martyred to protect a piece of land,& where they don’t even belong to !But still gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.

And this was not the first time and surely not the last time , this is not the sad part alone. Whats sad is that – Tomorrow local kashmiris will again throw stones at the Army, they will protest and shout slogans -‘Army go back’,
Not realising that 99 % of the Army men who fall in kashmir dont even belong to kashmir but still fight to defend their ( ungrateful) countrymen.

So tomorrow when the locals again throw stones at the Army, Just remember. These are the same men who pulled your hand out of water when u were drowning. And covered u with their body when there were grenades sharpnels and bullets flying around.

(Capt Tushar took three bulets to his chest today ! )

And while there are protests in J and K or haryana. While the country fights for petty local and political gains. The Army Soldier fights and juggles with his life for his country men !!!!

But dont worry The Army Men never Dies. – They just…..Regoup in hell!

“We Just Regoup in Hell”

A world without Religion.


Peace. Isn’t that what we all want. A safe world to live in. Where we feel safe. Where our children feel safe. A world filled with Love, not with hatred.

But for Peace to prevail we need order and for order to prevail we need a system. A system that is smooth and natural. Such a system /Order exists in the animal Kingdom – The so called ‘Jungle’ or the ‘Wild’. This being an “Anti-cliche”,  that the wild has perfect order and we the ‘Social-Animals’ have none! Who is living in the Wild I question ?

The basic foundation and the genesis of mankinds relentless progress over the centuries from the stone age to the nuclear age, from bull carts to space shuttles has been due to a basic ( highly underestimated) human character .i.e. To reason, to ask – why/ why not. So centuries ago when ptolomy and later the church said that earth was at the center of the universe; sensible but curious souls like Copernicus and later Galileo questioned. They asked Why?  They said that this( Geocentric theory) might be the popular belief, but sorry…we think otherwise. What followed, is history.

Bottom line is whenever there is order, ( whether it is perfect or not/ whether everyone likes it or not)  there will be a few questioning its very existance. and this is perfectly Human.

If we quickly hop through a couple of centuries, in todays Geo-Political senario- Order is a very ‘relative’ word. So relative that even Einstein could be put to shame! The hilarity is such that the ‘Order‘ of one part of the world is considered as complete disorder by the other and vice-versa. To judge who is right or wrong is more based on sentiments and social media than on logic. We humans have become far more dangerous than wild animals, we often hear of men who accidently got lost in the jungle, surving to tell their heroic tale of survival in the unforgiving jungle, but how often have you heard about a wild animal accidently venturing into a human inhabited areas and then surviving to tell the tale! Face it!!

Hitting the nail on the head, the West vs the East fight is more about the Muslim vs the non Muslim world now a days. Whether u like it or not, this is the blunt truth.

It is interesting to read several articles which try to establish who is correct and who is at fault without realising that this debate clould go no for ever without ever reaching a conclusion, Because it defies the basic human character – to Question why. How do u judge who is right or wrong when everyones defination of ‘Order’ is different. To qiuckly quote a few examples Bhagat Singh and Mahatma Ghandhi were famous indian freedom fighters, any doubts there? But the British govt in India before 1947 considered one as a terrorist and the other as a rouge outlaw. Go figure! The Indian Order was ‘disorder’ for the british and the prevailing british order was considered as a complete disorder by the Indians. Now go have a debate and try telling me before the end of the century who was right and who was wrong!

Lets take a slightly recent and a controversial example. Osama bin laden the branded fugitive and terrorist was without doubt the most sought after man in the 21st century. He was a terrorist! A man disturbing Order.  But to his people, which by the way were a sizeable lot, considered him as a freedom fighter as a man who questiond – why and asked Why not!! 

On the flip side – interestingly there are people upholing the ways and the means of ISIS saying that they are just retaliating, avenging what the ‘west’ did to them. This by far is the lamest thing that I have ever heard. Ill call it the “ It Suits me Logic“, so the ISIS fights back because they claim the west invaded them ! Really!! history repeats itself doesn’t it, so who started it!! Ever heard of the Persian Empire. They were the first ones who attacked and invaded all their surrounding countries including eupore and Asia. They started it. So now tell me how stupid would it sound saying that Persians empire( current iraq iran in general )attacked europe and asia so lets avenge and revenge them by atracking them back.
This is exactly how illogical is the ISIS logic to attack the non Muslim World.

So for a moment if we have to take a fair judgement to concider the facts. Lets presume that u are an alien just passing by Earth and just read this blog about  Chopernicus Galileo Bhagat Singh Mahatma Ghandhi and osama each one of these men questioned the prevailing accepted order and each one of them bought it heavy in return. So how would u decide who is right or wrong.  Is there even a right side and a wrong side? But i have a much more important question- why do you need to even pick a side?  Did u question Why,  today ?

Who needs a religion isn’t Humanity good enough?  Question this? Why?

You  were born a Human not a hindu christrian or a Muslim or a sikh. Who decided your religion for u? Question this? Why ?

You live in a world were you dont let anyone choose your job, your life or your shoe or cloths then why are you stamped with a religoin even before you are born??  Question this. Why?

Religion doesn’t create Order. Since time immemorial it has been used as a tool for power dominance and money. It united us, yes.  But why ? To fight!

Who needs a religion when humanity could alone save us all.


From Kung Fu to YOGA

Change is the order of the world today. Infact change has been the order of nature and existance. The fittest survive!
Interestingly, we all relate to things. E.g. a particular colour triggers and certain memory. It could very well be different for different people, but on an average lets say The colour ‘green’ would remind most of us of lush green fields or a football/cricket field or probably green vegis. Similarly the colur blue would trigger our memory into thinking about the ocean or the sky.
But thats not all, we also relate objects, events and even smell to certain things.


Lets talk about ‘kung Fu’ and the first thing that comes to your mind must be China or Jackie Chang. Similarly if i give u a word say ‘China’ , you might think about ‘kung-Fu’.

Dont blame yourself! This is how our mind is channelled since childhood. We have all grown up seeing Jackie Chang fighting in his awesome physics defying moves ( Love him) so our brain has no option but to relate the two together.

Talk about china and three things would come to your mind most likely – Emerging superpower, some chinese guy trashing the other one out, and offcouse Kung Fu. ( These three would mostly be different for diff ppl, but on an average this would suffice.)

Having said this…. we know how flexible our mind is, how adaptable it is. Today the world is shifting away from Kung Fu and its intensity and slowly but steadily heading towards more serene options. ENTER- YOGA.


What comes to your mind first! – Calmness, Peace and INDIA. ( or a possible a combination of these three.)

Indeed today the world is changing from kung fu to YOGA. Kids, adults and grownups are doing it. Its not just an exercise, its a Way of Life. Its healthy, its purifying and it feels awesome

Its the Highway to health, the Eighth -Wonder.Its peace and containment in an overdrive. Provided u mean it when u do it.


The Global acknowledgment of Yoga is an iconic symbol of growing Indian Influence on the global arena. Indian rescue efforts in Yemen and the cross border Special Forces operation against a militant group was a fine proof of growing geo stratagic and geo-political influence of India.

So how would the growing influence of India be any different from the growing influence of China or that of USA after the II World-War.

The answer to this is evident from the history and from the present. Let’s talk about this. Since time in the memorial, when most of the world was still fighting with stones, pebbles bows and arrows, the Indian mathematician Aryabhatta had already calculated the circumference of earth. With development in science technology and various schools of trainning India was way ahead of contemporary civilisations of that era but even then the Indian Kings, the rulers never invaded any country or foriegn territory. Moving forward a couple of centuries in the early medieval history in the times of great rulers like the Asoka the Guptas and even later just before the British invasion of India the Indian rulers were as strong as ever and the country was rich and prosporus, but not even single ruler ever had expansionist tendencies beyond his natural boundaries.

Even in the present times when India has the third largest Army in the world India only fights to defends its territorial integrity in the west against Pakistan. Though the Indian Army is much superior and well equipped than the pak Army, India has never even considered- invading Pakistan, in fact Statistically speaking in all the wars fought against Pakistan in 1947-48 , 1965 , 1971 and 1999 , India returned the land occupied doing the war to Pakistan immediately after the hostilities got over. Evetytime.

Many have considered this as a weakness. But everyone who took this ‘Peace-First’ attitude ( which India has had for centuries) as Indian weakness, now knows the truth. Some more facts then! Here Goes….

-India is the fastest growing economy in the world.

India is least effected by global depressions due to its built it economic shock absorbers.

– India is on its way to becoming the largest manufacturer in the world.

– India has on an average the least rate of manufacturing cost in the world.

– By 2030 the working gp in India would be the largest in the world. ( population within the age gp of 20-35)

– By the end of the Decade India will have the Second largest Army in the world.

– 6 of 7 software devlp is in India or done by an Indian firm.

– The peace Index Of India is only third to Switzerland and New Zealand.

– India has more cultural and regional diversity than rest of the world put to gether. STILL, this country stands United.

The Advantage of this saga of Indian Growth is that- absolutely No ones feels threatned about India’s Growth. Which is a good thing, because this Nation-State threatens None. After all it is capable of, all she speaks about is – YOGA (Peace &


I Did it, Found Water On Mars.


The news related to finding water on Mars made me jump with joy like a Kid.
Yes i belong to the generation which has grown up seeing the Terminator and Star Wars. Though it still might be distant future but the whole idea of space travel   sends a wave of excitement through my spine.

Finding flowing salt water on mars might not be that great a deal as it sounds, but it still a great deal, for now atleast. You will realise it too by the end of this blog.

I strongly suspect that we are definitely not alone in the universe. Are we ?

But first lets logically analyse what is the probability of reciving guests from other planets or galaxies.

So putting things in prospective. We are on planet earth which has a circumference of 40,075 km. Just one of the eight planets orbiting the Sun, our star which is just one of the 250 BILLION stars( by average mass) in our galaxy the milkyway.

The closest star to the sun is Alpha Centaury, which is 4 light years away.
Our galaxy has a span of 1,00,000 light years, ie even if we travell with the speed of light it will take us 1 lakh years just to cross our galaxy end to end, forget about reaching another galaxy.

Andromeda, the closest galaxy to us is at a distance of 2.5 Million light years from us. So if you are expecting any one from there,

any time soon you should sure hope as hell that they either started their journey 2.5 Million years back or they have the tech to travell real fast, as in ; even faster than the speed of light.

But thats not all, we have barely stepped out of our backyard. The real journey starts from here.

GALAXY GROUP. A Group of Galaxies, form a Galaxy Group/ LOCAL GROUP. A galaxy gp could contain about 50 galaxies with a span of 10 million light years.

CLUSTER. A bunch of such gps of gallaxies say 50- 1000 galaxies forms a Cluster of Galaxies. With a diameter of about 10 megaparsecsie (32.6 million light years, one parsec = 3.26 lightyears)

SUPER CLUSTER A larger gp of local clusters forms a Super cluster with a span of 500 Million light years. That by the way is huge.

GALACTIC SUPER CLUSTER This is basically all that we have mapped so far. The universe as we know it!.
So to summarise all this

Our galaxy -1 lakh light years across.
Nearest galaxy -2.5 Million light years away
Local cluster – 10 million LY span
Cluster – 33 million light years span
Super Cluster – 500 million LY Span.

Well thats a lot of – Space… to travell to get to us or for us to get going.

But lets not get disheartened. There is a lot happening in our neighbourhood. Our own solar system is bubling with activity be it on Mars or Jupiter’s volcanically active moon IO or saturn’s nitrogen based titan and Enceladus which is suspected to have a liquid ocean underneath its surface or be it Europa. The possiblities are endless.
Mars is just the beginning. The universe is coming to us…

Yes, That WHALE is in Shape !! 


Yes, we all want to be in shape. And why not. It feels great to be in shape.
It looks good. It feels great. Those perfect abs or that perfectly sexy figure.

We all desire to get into this shape. Some of us even try to!

But everybody is unique in their body type. There are tall people. There are short people, there are people who are plump and then there people who are skinny. That’s not all. There are people who have fast metabolism, there are people who have a very slow metabolism.

So when it comes to a diet plan, do you actually think – one set diet plan would work for all of these different types of people. Absolutely not. There has to be some amount of modulation as per body type.

Nowadays, we find many interesting articles online. You will also find them in newspapers, in magazines, hundreds of them. All of them tell us about a new diet plans, a new way of life. some things to eat, some not to eat.


There is a new research everyday. One day it will tell you that it’s very bad to have egg yolks, it will give you colestrol and you absolutely must avoid having the yellow. The next, the very next day you will read a new research and it will say that egg yolks are good for health you must eat them.


Then there was a research which said that having tea after your meals was good for digestion. And yes half of the world has it too. And then, came a new research which said we should ‘Absolutely Not’ have tea after dinner. It would ruin your digestion!!!



Then there was a research which said -it was important to stretch before exercising, That is a well established fact , isn’t it. But now there is a research that says one actylually need not streach before exercising ! Mild warm up , say cycling or running was enough. Go figure!!



To add to this insanity of what is good for us and what is not- Cheese is considered as a good source of calcium + protien and spinach of iron, and mixing these together is considered as a nutritious and dish to savour. Its tastes great! ( The very tasty and healthy “palak paneer”.)
But.. But now a new research says.. (and i dont doubt it) that cheese (which has calcium ) and spinach ( which has oxlate) dont allow each others absorption in the body.

So all those years of having palak paneer, wasted !!!

So who knows what research is going to come out tomorrow and It will tell you that something that you have been doing for all your life was wrong, and the best part is that we are actually going to believe it and change our lifestyle around it.

So Guys, it is great to be good shape. And you will have to work hard to get there. ESPECIALLY in todays world with lots of distractions such as high calorie food and junk food to name a few. If you want those six packs and that awesome figure, stop dreaming, start acting! IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE, YOU SIMPLY GOT TO DO SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE.

The FIRST STEP: You have already taken the first step! – ‘You are Thinking’ about getting in shape.

The SECOND STEP : You are halfway through this step aswell. You are planing your exercise schedule and diet! GOOD, just keep the above mentioned facts in mind, dont get carried away. EAT and EXERCISE as per your body type only. Dont blindly follow people, someone’s Hit formula might not work for you. ( Just because Arnold Schwarzenegger eats X and exercises Y, doesnt mean it will work for you aswell.)

Get your own Formula. Because you are- You. Because you and your body are Unique.


Just to launch you on the right trajectory to wards that rocking Shape, here is a link to the page of the – Best – Dietician around. Just leave your queries related to your food habits and diet, and you will get the right advise -



Silent seas have never made great sailors. All The Best.



The Hairline Tattoo

To all my Friends out there with  a receding hairline Problem.

Here I present a  Permanent solution to ur problems. 


And this is for real. 


– it will cover the space. 

– u’ll never need a haircut.  




As long as you Know How To Have Fun, It really doesn’t matter where you are.


4 Steps to bliss, Where ever you Go.

1.  Know – what can keep you busy when travelling or when waiting or simply killing time. Be it your mobile phone, a book or simply a thought process u noted somewhere. 

2.  Your ‘Entertainment Pack’ ( Your mob, a small book,  i pod or what ever can keep you busy) so be in your small travel bag/ side bag. We often make the mistake to carry what we need but place them in the main baggage which is not accisible during our Air/train travel / a long wait outside an office / a killing one hour train ride to /back from office. Or where ever u gotto bump Time. 

3. The human mide is very productive. The only reason we dont quite produce results is because we hardly ever sit down …and think!  Most of the time we are just reaction to our mega busy drilled life of home to work and back. Innovation is dead. And free time is the best time to think. So here comes the Fourth piont
4. Use the mobile or your pocket diary to write down stuff u want to think about( Work or pleasure.) And next time you travell or ur  in a situation where you just want kill time, don’t bother. Just think about that stuff. You will be surprised how much productive can simple 5 minutes of  thinking be. 

Try it out. Yoy just need the spirit to relax and chill.  That being the only constant, The environment matters less. 

The Fervent Petrosaint : WorldPress


So, have you been molested. ever ??
Most of the readers would say No straight away. No never would be the answer.
However by the time u reach the end of this blog, Most of u would say ‘Yes
For starters let us see what is the dictionary meaning of the word- “Molest’. Well it means- “To harm someone through contact or touch or to Bother or Annoy someone”.

In todays world however, in order to ‘HARM’ ‘BOTHER’  or ‘ANNOY’ someone you need not be present physically there. Your mere post or comments on the social media or the press could easily drive someone to insanity!!  Princess Diana, Michael Jackson are just a two well know names who were harassed till their end.
But this blog is not about all this. Its not about the paparazzi  harassing the famous or the press writing the ‘good’ or the ‘bad’ about the people who matter rather this blog is about u. Yes u!  And Its about every person to have walked this planet.
We were  born in world (e-world) where we are bombared with suggestions and thoughts from the very beginning. We think we are free, we think our thoughts are ours. But they are not. We are molested right from our choldhood. We are what i call “e-molested”.

So there was a time when a child use to look up to their parents. They wanted to talk like them. Walk like them. Act like them. Follow them in shot. The kids used to learn the languge spoken at home or at school. But today the kids follow what they see online, their fav actors or wrestlers. They speak the language of the internet or the mkst famous Hollywood/ Bollywood flick. But this is not the half of it. We all believe what we see. What we feel and what the media wants us to belive.
Still not convinced ?  Alright then ill piont out some random Facts that u thought were true. True because the media told you they were true, and offcoure you believed them, through out your life. So here goes.


Fact.1 Blood n Pain n Hate.
When you were a little kid you fell down and hurt yourself. It hurt. Probebly u bled. And then u RELATED Blood to Pain. Then u grew up, even today when u see blood, it triggers thw same reaction of discomfort. It true it does. And if you never bled as a kid, everyday through tevevisoin, and internet you are bombarded with thousands of images of animals and humans  being killed or in blood and almost instantly it kicks a reaction in you system of dislike or discomfort or Hate. So if i want to do propaganda say against a sect of people or say againt killing of animals for a vegitarian campaign all i got to do is to show a video or a few pic of those people or animals in blood and walla!!  Our memory will do the rest of the trick. And this a supreme example of  how world option is remotely controlled  simply by video and pictorial images on the social media. A eg of remotely activated manipulation. 

 Fact.2  Gosts

So we all know about ghosts right? RIGHT?  Right from when u were a little kid. A little scary story. Or a dark night. So much so that even if ur 50 years old now, somewhere in the back of ur head, the fear looms. And the best part is that in those 50 years u would have never even seen the ‘G’ of a ‘Ghost’ but still ur shit scared of entering a dark room or travelling alone in ur car at night. What if there is someone on the back seat!! A typical eg of how  u can be to believe something and react to something that feast even exist.  And the funny part – how people and babas make money by keeping the gosts out of ur house and lives. Imagine how much u spend on ur superstitions. 


Fact.3 Deadly Animals

Thanks to the media we know or sure about some animals. Snakes are dangerous. Crocodiles almost bite everything that fits in there mouth. Lions the king of the jungle. Right!
Well totally wrong. These are just the images that a replaced in ur mind. Thanks to the media/ TV and what not. 98% Of the snakes  don’t even have poison.  The remaining 2% are more scared of u than u are of them.  Crocodiles with only come after u if they are  really hungry and if ur dumb enough to hang out in front of them for really that  long. 

 Fact .4 Chinese Food . We have a lot of options here.  You name it. Chucked 65, shzwan Rice, chicken lollipop and the list is endless.  But the fact is that these dishes are not even Chinese. No Chinese living or dead would have made these in there homes- EVER. The these dishes are as Chinese as the ‘French Toasts’ are French!! 

Fact 5. Religion. 
And last but not the least. ( No hard feelings pl) . It is said that religion was invented when the first Con Man met the first fool. Let’s rewind a couple of thousand years back. So here we are in  the early ages. ‘Man’ uncultured, unruly, savage and fearless.  Then some one smart thought -How do I unit men ? How do u control this chaos ?? And then realised how.  Simply instill fear in mans head!  So men were told. – do good or-U’ll go to hell. Do good or ull be consumed by evil. 

And with all due regards , this worked wonderfully well.  The fearless man was now afraid , the undivided bold man was now divided.  And then man expanded all in the name of God and religion. A child was born human. But then divided in the name of religion class or country and then told wether he was superior or  inferiority to the other.  Tell me ! Can  even the greatest of holy man distinguish between a skeleton of  a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or an Asian or a European. 

But here we are today molested by the media , molested my the social / print / online media, which tells us  which food is good for us. Which colour suits us. Which religion harms us.  And so severely we believe all this. 

So may b we can save our Race. By actually thinking what’s right for us. By making our own choices.  

By choosing not to get Molested by the online world and actually start living in the real world. Free of Hate. And full of love. Without. fear. 

Ambitions that Kill !!

So there we were a couple of hundred years back. There was this young beautiful Queen  and this young handsome prince who could barely lift a sword. But they fell in love ,and when they did,  the Queen desided to leave everything and run away with the handsome young prince. 

What resulted from this was massive battle between the two kingdoms(off course the battle of TROY) in which many thouands perished for apprantly no reason or mistake of theirs.

( Yes consistently several hundred years later we also made a movie by the same name, in which we saw ‘Brad Pit’ running around in a skirt, Good movie! Yeah so a couple of hundred years late though, but something good came out of the battle in which thouands lost everything.)


If u think that was wierd, then digest this. – Their was this other short guy, really short. He belonged to a tiny country  Corsica,  had huge ambitions, you know… like the ones where u want to rule the world. And following his ambitions is exactly what he did. 

This Lad was Absolutely briliant. With in a span of 10 years he rose from a soldier to a general of the entire French Army. 

This ‘short guy’  with huge ambitions marched over the Alps which by the way are 23 thousand feet high on an average along with his artillery guns and attacked Italy… Yes, off course he Won, the guy was simply brilliant, though a few thousand died. But He Won.  

No, but his ambitions were not fulfilled. He marched into egypt. WON. Thouands died. He matched and captured Spain. Thousand died. He attacked Russian. Millions Died. He controlled  nearly the whole of europe. Ambition fulfilled?? Nope.  This brilliant short guy who was also grown  fat by now was finally caught and deported to a far off lonely island. He was old now. But were his ambitions ageing with him ?? Nope. He marched back into France. Millions followed him. And finally the agony. Each one of those ‘million’ died fighting for this little ambitious short brilliant man  we call Nepolean!!


And off course we say that we learn form our mistakes and from history. But actually we don’t. Because just about 100 years later thousand and millions again perished when for some astounding  reason thousands followed Hitler to their end.

So today we so called Social Animals whome i would call evolved intelligent beings remember Troy, but who remembers  the thousands who perished in that battle. We remember the briliant tactics and battle craft that Nepolean thought us, but who remembers the millions who perished making him a legend.

I just thought of a name for us Humans. I’ll call us the “AUTO BEINGS” we r pre programed to follow!!  We think we are smart. But we are not. We like to follow. And when we follow we stop thinking rationally. And ironically  We still dont learn from history.
Thousands followed in Vietnam. Thousands followed Osama.
And today thousands are following ISIS.

You need to wake up. You need to make choices. Because history is unforgiving. Because someones Ambition is going to be your doom!